Quite often this could be due to a neutral start switch being engaged. Make sure all gear levers are in neutral and the clutch pedal is depressed while starting.

Most tractors have a drive shaft connecting the 4WD dropbox to the front differential. This is held on by a coupling either end, occasionally one of the couplings has worked loose and slid one way thus loosing the drive.

This can be caused by a few issues, the plunger knife could be blunt and is not cutting the material properly, The twine may be tighter on one side more than the other, the material may not be at its premium moisture content to be baled or possibly the density on the baler is incorrectly set.

Quite often the male remote tip on the hydraulic hose will be jammed (especially if it hasn’t been used in awhile), this can generally be rectified by hitting the end of the male tip on something hard. Be careful not to get squirted by oil!!

This is quite often caused by the net actuator not returning to the home position. This is in turn could be caused by a build up of material of the mechanism has become dry and needs lubrication.

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